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Whether your business has been around for years or is just starting up, Donn W. Bergquist, CPA offers the best business accounting services. Bring your old family business into the modern age or balance a budget for your start-up. Get the care and assistance you need to be a success!


If you need help with your bookkeeping, payroll, or hiring processes, Donn W. Bergquist, CPA is the perfect person for the job. Serving businesses since 1983, get the most experienced accounting help to make sure your business is always on budget and making the profit it needs!


Let us handle the bookkeeping hassles


• Business consulting

• Business federal and state tax preparation

• Payroll reporting

• Accounting consulting

• Corporations

• Business technology assessments and planning

• Electronic tax filing

• Rollovers

• Payroll registry

• Payroll check writing

• Business audits

• S Corporations


Ensure your business is in the best hands:



Work closely with our licensed and certified accountant to get the personal help you need for your business.



Schedule routine financial counseling for your investment.



• SEP’s

• Small business consulting

• Estate and Gift tax planning

• Partnerships

• Trusts

• Business startup

• Medical management consulting


• Long Range business planning

• Business tax planning

• Payroll services

• Purchases and sales of businesses

• Business Bookkeeping